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Nutrition Education/Counseling

in Bariatrics

Prabha Honrath, RD has guided hundreds of bariatric patients since 2020. She has developed webinars educating new patients on the pre-operative and post-operative diets. Prabha enjoys using this medium as she can easily deliver dense information, interact by answering questions live, and creating a sense of community. Her tools have added value since patients and clients can stream her webinars LIVE and tuck away the resource for later reference. She strives to provide easy-to-follow nutrition education that is best supported by scientific evidence, minimizes complications, and promotes total wellness. For select patients, she also provides counseling and nutrition support using telehealth.

Bariatric Nutrition Services: About Us

Preview a Facebook Live Q/A for Bariatric Patients

This was the most popular concern among my bariatric patients and clients. I found that many came to me with nutrition misconceptions they had found online and many had a desire to follow detox diets. I felt that it was important to share how these detox/fad diets are harmful to the body's metabolism and were unsustainable. Instead, I wanted to share lifestyle changes that would lead them down the road of success, happiness, and total wellness.

Bariatric Nutrition Services: Video
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