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Toxic Love with Dark Chocolate: Balancing Pleasure and Health - Heavy Metals Present

For many, chocolate isn't just a delectable treat; it's a mood lifter, energy booster, and even a cherished reward. Dark chocolate, in particular, has gained popularity not only for its rich flavor but also for potential health benefits, with studies suggesting its abundance of antioxidants may improve heart health. However, a recent investigation has uncovered a darker side to this seemingly "healthier" chocolate.

Heavy Metals Detected in Dark Chocolate

Studies have revealed that certain dark chocolate bars may contain cadmium and lead, heavy metals associated with various health concerns in both children and adults. In an effort to evaluate the potential risks posed by these popular treats, scientists at Consumer Reports (CR) conducted tests on 28 dark chocolate bars, including renowned brands like Dove, Trader Joe's, Lindt, and Chocolove. Surprisingly, all the tested bars showed detectable levels of cadmium and lead; and 82% of the bars were considered to reach harmful levels if people consumed an ounce daily for at least one of these heavy metals, as indicated by public health authorities and CR's experts. Notably, five bars surpassed the recommended levels for both cadmium and lead, indicating potential health risks such as nervous system problems, hypertension, immune system suppression, kidney damage, and reproductive issues with prolonged exposure. Additionally 18 more bars surpassed the recommended levels for one of the metals, some are shared below (click for Full Results). 

Despite these alarming findings, it's not necessary to completely eliminate chocolate from your diet. CR's investigations revealed that five of the tested bars had comparatively lower levels of both lead and cadmium. This suggests that companies have the capacity to manufacture chocolate products with reduced amounts of these heavy metals, offering consumers the opportunity to enjoy chocolate with a potentially lower health risk.

High Levels of Cadmium and Lead

Per Consumer Reports Study: How Consumer Reports Tested Dark Chocolate, 

Safer Choices

Per Consumer Reports Study: How Consumer Reports Tested Dark Chocolate 

Tips to Help Your Chocolate Indulgence

To continue enjoying chocolate safely, here are some Consumer Report's recommendations:

  1. Choose Wisely: Opt for dark chocolates with the lowest levels of heavy metals.

  2. Moderation is Key: Treat chocolate as an occasional indulgence rather than a daily habit. Even chocolates with higher levels of cadmium and lead are unlikely to cause immediate harm in small quantities, but the risk escalates with frequent consumption over time.

  3. Consider Cacao Percentage: Dark chocolates with lower cacao percentages may have lower levels of heavy metals. If a chocolate bar's heavy metal content is unknown, opting for a 70 percent dark chocolate product over an 80 percent one may be a prudent choice.

  4. Question Organic Assumptions: Organic dark chocolates were found to be just as likely as non-organic ones to have concerning levels of heavy metals in CR's tests. Don't assume organic automatically means safer.

  5. Limit Dark Chocolate for Kids: Dark chocolate isn't a top choice for most kids, and that's a good thing considering the greater threat heavy metals pose to younger individuals. Pregnant people should also limit their consumption.

By being mindful of these recommendations, you can continue to savor the pleasures of dark chocolate while minimizing potential health risks.

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