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Are You Confused on What to Eat?

Are conflicting diet and nutrition messages confusing you? Prabha became a Registered Dietitian to learn the facts and make nutrition more approachable for YOU! Learn more about Prabha below and see what she can offer you.


Prabha's Story

Why did she choose dietetics?

Prabha was born in India and adopted by a loving family in Michigan. While she transitioned well into her new family, the American diet was a different challenge. She developed multiple food sensitivities followed with a lack of nutrition counseling. 
Food was no longer something she looked forward to, but a chore—an injustice she wanted to correct for other people.

Prabha chose to pursue dietetics at Oregon State University and simultaneously served the community with her nutrition knowledge. She began implementing her expertise with the Corvallis Police Department by developing a nutrition-focused wellness program as well as teaching nutrition education and culinary classes to children. Prabha also directed food safety training to the newly hired staff at her college’s dining hall and implemented wellness activities for her sorority to promote mental health.

After graduating, she accepted an internship with California State University. This program allowed her to promote wellness to a variety of populations in diverse settings throughout the Greater Sacramento Area. 

After earning her credentials as a Registered Dietitian, she continued nutrition counseling and improving nutrition education. Prabha pursued careers in Bariatrics, skilled nursing, and now outpatient care at a Family Medicine Clinic. She uses Telehealth and videography to connect with a new audience by virtual counseling and producing educational videos. Through this medium, she can overcome healthcare illiteracy, provide nutrition services to patients on their own time, and make nutrition more approachable. 

Prabha's Services

Making Nutrition Approachable

Prabha tastefully promotes wellness and prevents illness. By giving people the know-how to build a healthy relationship with food and overcome barriers, she maximizes people's nutritional status. 

Discover the array of services below designed to elevate your health and help you feel better than ever before.

Nutritionist giving consultation to pati

Nutrition Counseling

Unlock the power of personalized nutrition with 1:1 counseling. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all approaches—book a dietitian for tailored guidance. From nutrition education to meal planning and behavior change counseling, achieve your health goals with expert support and accountability. Your unique journey starts here.

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Group Nutrition Education

Elevate your organization or community's well-being with group nutrition education led by a dedicated dietitian. Instill confidence in health by establishing easy habits today—prevention is not only effective but also significantly more cost-efficient than dealing with illness later on. Book a dietitian now and invest in a healthier, more resilient future for your group.

Prabha in the Media

Get the Inside Scoop

Prabha strives to improve the health of her community.  Check out Prabha's projects, community involvement, and what the community says about her.

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Prabha's Wellness Program for the Corvallis Police Department

October 19, 2018

The schedules of a police worker and college student are surprisingly similar. They’re often tired, stressed and constantly on the move. Oregon State dietetics students marinated in this similarity as they created a pilot nutrition program for the Corvallis Police Department (CPD).


Public Charge Event

October 4, 2019

Attended Senator Pan's Public Charge Round Table. Discussed with policymakers whether or not the government should deny green cards or visas to legal immigrants who are deemed likely to use public assistance programs like food stamps. UPDATE: The Trump administration voted to deny green cards and visas and will officially go into effect on Feb. 24

Super Health Food

Nutrition Counseling and Programs at Placer Private Physicians

August 2020-Present

Prabha, a skilled dietitian, guides patients to view food as a solution, not a problem, fostering a healthy relationship with overall wellness. With expertise in weight loss, cardiometabolic conditions (heart disease/diabetes), and bariatrics, she equips individuals with sustainable tools. Passionate about gastrointestinal/autoimmune issues, Prabha draws from personal experiences to provide empathetic support. Specializing in holistic functional medicine, she addresses gut conditions. Operating outside standard insurance billing at Placer Private Physicians, Prabha offers unique, subscription-based counseling, ensuring patients receive tailored, timely care with flexible session options. Experience a one-of-a-kind medical model prioritizing your well-being.

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